Global Flexible Packaging Market Growth

Projected to reach USD 182.04 billion by 2025, the global flexible packaging market is growing due to e-commerce and food industry demands, focusing on sustainability amid environmental concerns.

Asos Pursues Diversity Beyond Fashion

ASOS eyes expansion into beauty by potentially acquiring Cult Beauty or Feelunique, amidst interest from other companies like THG Holdings and Zalando.

What’s Cosmetic Packaging?

Cosmetic packaging is used to package cosmetics, such as lotion bottle, cream jar, airless bottle, essential oil bottle, spray bottle, lip gloss tube, perfume bottle and other cosmetic packaging. According to different materials, it can be divided into plastic packaging, glass packaging, Paper packaging, metal packaging and wooden packaging. The production process of plastic products […]

Top 10 tips to find the right packaging for your skincare and cosmetic products

Building & Maintaining a skincare and cosmetics line involves many tasks: researching ingredients, developing formulations and testing products.However, one of the most critical steps is the choice of product packaging.This process must be addressed as early as possible. When buying and using cosmetics, we often see different types of packaging methods and different production lines. […]

What Make Hicos Valuable to Your Brands?

Hicos believes a package is more than a container for a product, it should be the soul of the Brand’s to attract customers. Hicos Packaging is driven to bring Innovation and Beauty for your brand. Our promise is “Total Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction”, We strive to consider our customers’ needs and provide the highest […]


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