Top 10 tips to find the right packaging for your skincare and cosmetic products

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Building & Maintaining a skincare and cosmetics line involves many tasks: researching ingredients, developing formulations and testing products.However, one of the most critical steps is the choice of product packaging.This process must be addressed as early as possible.

When buying and using cosmetics, we often see different types of packaging methods and different production lines. But we are first attracted by the packaging of the product, that’s why cosmetics packaging is so important. so capturing their interest through the packaging is a crucial factor.

There are top10 tips to help you find the right packaging for your skincare and cosmetic products, Here are the lists of important considerations we will discuss for successfully planning your packaging:

1.Packaging Materials types

2.Packaging design and label

3.Packaging Size

4.Custom VS Stock


6.Sterilizing Your Containers

7.Filling Containers

8.Packaging transportation

9.Packaging cost

10.Displaying and Storing Your Products

1. Packaging Materials types

1) Glass

This is the safest and gorgeous material to use for cosmetics since it have a decorative look and clean too, it’s not reactive to chemicals. For products containing essential oils and acids, such as AHA and BHA, glass packaging is the most recommended, Small and thick wall glass jars are used to hold lip gloss and cream type products. Amber glass jars are used for bath and body care products .

The beautiful appearance is another advantage of glass containers.They can make your products look exquisite and high-end. There are different forms in glass packaging, you can choose bottles, jars,vials or rollerball applicators, and it can be clear, frosted or tinted, will depending on your products and requirements.what’s more, they’re recyclable, so you can also reduce your carbon footprint on the world. Since many famous brands around the world use a lot of glass packaging for their products, this undoubtedly makes them more attractive and fashionable as well.

The only drawback to glass packaging is that they are more expensive to make and transport, If not treated carefully, the whole product will be wasted due to a single crack in the container. Also,broken pieces can be harmful to the body. But if you find the right glass packaging supplier like Hicos, they will give you better solution.

2) Plastic

Plastic has been one of the most commonly used materials for daily use in human history due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Modern equipment, packaging, framing, design, everything is basically done with plastic, until today.The same is true of cosmetics packaging.The type of product and the manufacturing process largely depend on the type of material used for packaging.

Another reason behind the heavy use of plastic for packaging is that the material’s pleasing appearance helps it become more attractive. Compared with other materials, it is light and durable.

The only drawback to plastic packaging is that it causes some impact to the environment, and the resistance to certain types of chemicals also limits its use.

3) Metal

Metal cosmetic containers can provide a smooth, elegant, high-end appearance, also strong, non-toxic and durable. Aluminum is a popular choice due to easily operation and very light, It’s also a good budget option for small business owners, and it has other useful benefits.

Unlike glass, metals is less fragile, therefore endure tougher transport or storage conditions, It is also highly recyclable and can be easily melted down and reused for new purposes.

Aluminum bottles are especially convenient for powdered or dry products as well as deodorants and sprays. Aluminum containers are ideal for candles, scrubs, butter or body balms.

The drawback to metal packaging is that buyers can’t see inner products from outside due to the metal’s lack of transparency. So maybe it’s better to choose plastic or glass packaging.

2. Packaging design and label

The design of the packaging will affect the success or failure of your product. Commonly used cosmetic packaging has standard designs and sizes. Your packaging supplier will have many styles for you to choose. However, if you want the product to stand out, you can also customize the packaging, include customize design, materials, surface treatment, colors, capacity ….etc. You can completely control the appearance of the product.

Customized packaging can reflect the personality of your brand better than pre-made packaging

Your product labeling should also be carefully planned. It should contain all essential product and company information. When designing labels, it is best to work with a team of professional designers.

3. Packaging Size

Packaging size also needs to be considered, it directly affects buyers’ aesthetics and shipping costs, For example, your cream is less likely to be sold if you put it in a 10oz  

jar, and it will takes more shipping cost when transporting. Likewise, if your lotions comes in a very small container, your customers won’t like it very much too. Have you ever gotten a big box full of small items from Amazon?depressed, isn’t it? So you need to choose the reasonable packaging for your products.

For products that will be used daily, medium-sized containers will be used.These includes lotion, toner, cleanser, foundation, deodorant, sunscreen, etc. Products that are used only in moderation can be packed in smaller packages, such as eyebrow powder, eye shadow, concealer, nail polish, etc.

4. Custom VS Stock

What is the difference between custom and stock packaging?

For custom packaging, you can decide the appearance, silk screening, colors and unique label, that will help your products to stand out, This is very helpful for increase your brand awareness. Of course this will spend more cost thank stock packaging. Most companies will provide minimum requirements for custom orders, this number ranges from 2000 to 10,000 pieces. The production time usually need 15-30 days, If you decide to do custom packaging, please ask samples to ensure that the container fully meets your requirement.

For stock packaging, it have a quicker shipping and turnaround time, and it’s very easy to order, usually does not require bulk ordering , of course, the more you order, the less the cost per piece. You can still customize the stock container with your own label and logo to make it your containers!

5. Sustainability

Cosmetic companies usually do not consider the sustainability of packaging, but it will be better if choose the recyclable material that is compatible with your product.

Although plastic packaging is cheap and light, most of them can’t be recycled. Some packaging manufacturers have started offering PLA plastic (polylactic acid) containers as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging. PLA is biodegradable and compostable, made from corn or sugar cane. The minimum order is usually higher than normal plastic containers. there are recyclable packaging options such as HDPE, PET, glass, etc.

Glass packaging is more classic and versatile, he most important thing is glass can be recycled indefinitely.

6. Sterilizing Your Containers

Be sure to sterilize the containers before filling cosmetics, although the supplier has cleaned the container before shipping, you still need to go through a sterilization process before filling, Taking this extra step will help you to ensure the safety of your customers and your business.

7. Filling Containers

It’s very important to be sure to consider how the container will be filled, when purchasing containers. Bottles and jars are usually easier to fill, for tubes, you can fill them in several different ways. If you filling tubes by hand, some cosmetic manufacturers find that using a large syringe is an easy way to quickly fill multiple tubes. Others use squeeze bottles.

Whichever packaging you choose, make sure you have a plan for filling them and that equipment can be adequately cleaned and disinfected. That is unreasonable if you spend too much time to filling it. Means you would probably waste or lose money.

8. Packaging transportation

The successful transportation and delivery of the product needs to be considered, Without careful consideration, products may be broken, damaged or scratched during transportation, This leads to expensive compensation and customer dissatisfaction.

First consider the shape, size and weight of the product. Small items like lip gloss can be easily packed in bubble mail or normal carton, while larger items need to be packed with protective padding carton. Such as Kraft paper, tissue paper, peanut wrap and bubble wrap are common fillers to help absorb the impacts of falls or rough handling.

Lastly, be sure to consider the functional experience and attractiveness of the outer packaging. Creative use of color, ribbons or thoughtful notes can leave a memorable impression. Customers would very exciting when opening a long-awaited order!

9. Packaging cost

Before you begin any packaging work, you need to consider the budget range.This will determine which materials you can use and how much money you can spend to make your design as attractive as possible.

When calculating packaging costs, be sure to include the actual bottle, jar or tube and the accessory, the customization, the shipping and the filling cost.

Finding the right balance of what you want to spend on creative and in production, will largely affect the success of your project.

10. Displaying and Storing Your Products

The tube is easy to use, but not easy to display. If you are selling or display goods at a market or fair, be sure to think about how you display the product. considering how to store and display your products in advance can avoid a lot of trouble in the future!


Choosing the right packaging for a skincare or cosmetic brand can do wonders for your products. It conveys the personality and value of your brand through its design and labeling. It keeps your products competitive and protects them from damage.

So it is very important to choose the right packaging for your products.

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