Glass Skincare Packaging Set

*Customize Your Own Packaging From Idea To Reality

*Support Spraying, Hot Stamping, Screen Printing, Labeling...etc

*Support New Design and Open New Mould

Custom Services

We support customization based on client’s requirements, Such as Screen Printing, Hot-Stamping, Plating, Frosting, Labeling etc…

We also support to open new mould,  from idea to reality, our professional development teams will help you to achive goals,  one-stop solutions help you to Improve efficiency.

As we know packaging is very important to a Brand. About 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the product’s packaging. when consumers’ attention is drawn by the packaging, the brand can be accepted by consumers. Product quality is fundamental, and the packaging reflects value, our job is to discover value. We know the latest fashion trends, it will helps you to attract customers better.  

Another important factor in achieving your desired look is in the way your packaging is finished. Hongqisky Co., Ltd offer many different options for you to choose from, including inner and outer spraying, metallization, in-mold color, and spray finishes like pearl, matte, soft touch, glossy, and frosted.

Not sure what’s kind of packaging and finish to use? our professional engineers can help advise you here.



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