How Can Cosmetic Packaging Attract Consumers

Attractive packaging plays a key role in the cosmetics industry, significantly influencing consumer purchases and enhancing brand image.

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The story of “buying cassine and returning beads” has been around since ancient times, and now, there are not a few people who buy products because of the good-looking packaging.

As a fast-moving consumer product, cosmetics are designed to modify beauty. In addition, as the main consumers of cosmetics, women have delicate minds and rich emotions. They are more susceptible to external emotions. They are often attracted by the visual elements of the product packaging, or hit the heart, or buy directly.

A few years ago, many consumers still complained that the cosmetics packaging was not attractive enough. After a few years, cosmetics have almost broken away from the situation of product packaging being complained about. Huaxizi, Perfect Diary, etc. have attracted many consumers because of their special packaging. When browsing major social networking sites, many women will also find that they have a desire to buy based on product packaging.

Color Rendering Under The “Seven-Second Law”

A survey conducted by the American Popular Color Research Center shows that people have a “7-second law” when choosing products: Faced with a dazzling array of products, people can determine whether they are interested in a product in just 7 seconds. In this short and crucial 7 seconds, the role of color accounted for 67%, becoming an important factor in determining people’s likes and dislikes of goods.

Therefore, among the dazzling array of products, products with bright colors can be remembered at once. Many makeup collection stores now use the principle of color communication, using bright colors as the main decoration color of the store, which can make consumers attracted by this in the mall.

The same is true for color communication when it comes to commodities. Just like the happy water of the fat house, when we talk about Coca-Cola and Pepsi, we believe that the first thing we recall is red and blue. In the cosmetics industry, many brands also have their own main color memory points. For example, the green packaging box can be reflected as soon as Huaxizi is mentioned; as well as the brown of Estee Lauder, the black of Lancome and so on.

If the product is sold online, the attractiveness of colors is not as strong as offline, but the packaging design of the product and the picture display can drive huge consumption power. After browsing the reviews of some Skincare brand’s review, most consumers have commented that “the packaging is exquisite”, “the packaging style is like” and “the packaging is very good.” It can be seen that packaging has become one of the criteria for people to evaluate product preferences.

What kind of sparks can “fan economy + joint name” have?

Not only the beauty of the packaging, the fan economy combined with packaging is also a good attraction.

The characteristic of star-chaser girls is that they are willing to spend money for idols. I believe that many brands choose their spokespersons carefully because they understand the principle that fans can create economic value for idols. Now that the endorsement is signed, why not use this method to the extreme?

Obtaining the right to use the portrait of the idol artist, but also due to the lack of good packaging ideas, directly printing the portrait of the spokesperson on the packaging is also a way to increase the purchasing power of fans. I remember that there was a star chaser next to Jun Xian Feng. After seeing the portrait of Wang Yibo printed on the shopping bag of MINISO, she ran in without stopping to buy one. I believe that when Jay was endorsing yogurt, many fans had the experience of cutting out Jay’s portrait collection.

For cosmetics, cross-border marketing has become an indispensable marketing tool for brands. The brand joint name is also mainly reflected in the changes in product packaging, whether it is the joint name of COACH and Sephora a while ago, or the joint name of Maybelline and Sailor Moon , All hope to use packaging changes to bring sales, or to generate a “1+1>2” brand effect based on fans of the two brands.

Disney has always been the object of major brands’ tendency to co-brand. “Disney Princess on the Run” has become a high evaluation of a girl, and girls are always attracted by various Disney co-branded products. According to Xinzhuang, a while ago, the joint name of Disney and 3CE was also very popular among consumers. Many consumers were attracted by the product packaging and couldn’t help but chop their hands.

Cross-border marketing is actually inseparable from the logic of the fan economy. Every brand has loyal consumers. These consumers can guarantee the continuous repurchase power of the products. For the time being, they can be called brand fans. If they are co-branded with another brand, use Fans’ pursuit of brand and beauty will inevitably drive the two-way flow of the fan economy, and both parties of co-branded brands will benefit from this.

“We are designing for interaction”

With the development of the cosmetics industry, many consumers are not only concerned about the outer packaging of products, from express boxes to outer packaging of products, to the design of product lines are all points that can attract consumers.

Mogli once said: “We are designing interaction, not designing terms.” Scholars Wang Xinyue and Liu Zunyue also mentioned that the design of some toys, such as building blocks, Lego, and electronic organs, can be referred to in the appearance or packaging design of cosmetics. Changing the way the packaging is opened, or adding packaging functions, allows consumers to no longer simply mechanically open the packaging box and then discard it, but can enhance the happiness of life from the packaging design. For example, the outer packaging of its products can be folded and transformed to form a storage box, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows continuous use of the outer packaging box of the product, forming a long-term memory of consumers for the brand, and even many B stations UP The owner is willing to record the unpacking video of the product specially for the express box of Zhiben.

There are also some products that pay attention to humanistic care in packaging design. Such products can arouse consumers’ desire for consumption. Bauhaus also said: “The purpose of design is people, not products.” For example, the newly launched Red-crowned Crane Eyeshadow Palette recently launched by Perfect Diary is a product marketing concept launched with “Red-crowned Crane Protection”, which not only allows consumers to understand red-crowned crane-related products. Knowledge, and can arouse consumers’ desire to protect endangered animals, and promote the protection of red-crowned cranes through products. For consumers, it is environmental protection participation and product purchase. It is two birds with one stone. Why not do it?

As a product, if it’s offline shopping, consumers can look at it from the many types of goods, and product packaging is very important; if it is online shopping, the first sight after unpacking the express is the packaging box. Nowadays, when the “face value economy prevails, everyone is a visual animal and will be attracted by beauty, and product packaging may become an important factor in the product’s appearance in the tens of thousands of flowers. In addition, product packaging is very effective in attracting consumers and shaping the brand image, which requires careful consideration by the brand.

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